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Biopad 100

Biopad 100

Biopad 100

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 Biopad 100, an innovative time clock integrated with features of easy operation, advanced identification algorithm, exquisite interface, and multimode communication is your reliable workforce management assistant. With super size 7 inches touch screen you can enjoy easy operation experience. It features the new generation biometric time management terminal with fast ZK Finger VX 10.0 identification algorithm and polished interface. Multimode communication, including Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi makes data transfer easy and reliable.

*Super size 7 inches touch screen.

*Wi-Fi facilitates operations by eliminating cabling effort.

*Network communication ensures the reliable data delivery.

*Built-in USB port allows manual data transfer when network isn\\\'t available.

*With built-in 300,000 cameras capturing real-time photos ensures the accuracy of identification.

*Support proximity, Mifare or HID card as optional features.

*Backup battery ensures seamless operation and security of employee information.(optional)

*SD card backs up data in case of a network or power outage. (optional)

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