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ZKAccess 5.0

ZKAccess Security System

ZKAccess 5.0

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ZKAccess 5.0

ZKAccess 5.0

  • Web-Based Administration and Monitoring Software For C3 and inBio Controllers
  • Easy to Use, Menu-Driven Dashboard Displays Quick Links to All Common Operations
  • Real Time Event Monitoring With Door Status Icons & Photo Pop-Ups of Badge Users
  • Simple Fill-In-the-Blanks Enrollment of Personnel
  • Includes Embedded Fingerprint Registration Tool For using Biometric Readers
  • Can Link Personnel To Photos For Visual Verification
  • Maps and Floorplans Can Be Imported for Site-Specific Door Management
  • Alarms and Exception Events Are Logged with Email Notification
  • Programmable Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs With Simple Pull-Down Menus
  • Any selectable trigger event from menu can cause a user-selectable door control relay or auxiliary relay to open or close.
  • Extends the useful functions of the ZKAccess C3 and inBio controllers
  • Advanced Access Control Features Are Easily Programmed
  • Anti-Passback
  • Door Interlocks for Mantrap Control Applications
  • Multi-Card Opening Groups for High Security Doors
  • One Click Database back-up
  • Detailed User Roles Are Easily Created to Allow Different Levels of Password-Protected Management of the System
  • All software modification actions are internally logged for later review
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) Is Available For Integrating ZKAccess Systems
  • Video Management System Integration
  • Time and Attendance Systems
  • Asset Management

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